so sick.

so, remember how i have been sick? well, i think that i passed my virus on to my computer. my computer is so sick. it coughs a little and just doesn't want to do anything. i'm going to have to take it to the doctor. hopefully, it will recover fully. luckily i have insurance (an external hard drive and all the disks). i'll keep you posted.

(adriane...i could blame you and your computer, but since our computers have only played together once, i'm sure your computer didn't get my computer sick.)

{image via google image search}


  1. i hope you both get feeling better.

  2. unless your computer and my computer both caught the same whatever at the same time and it's just been incubating all this time...


    i'm glad you're smarter than me. seems like a lot of people are having computer issues these days. i'm reading it all over bloglandia.

  3. You are so funny and I love it!! I am sorry you have been sick though!

    How are you lady?

    Weird question...do you have a sister named Dori? Okay,that's all...

  4. hey, what's the word on the comp?