smart boy.

like i said before, i spent thanksgiving with my sister and her family. that evening, we were lounging around, getting kids ready for bed and malcolm decided that'd be the best time to be the most entertaining kid. he climbed up into my lap and sang for me, recited the alphabet and showed me how to count. i couldn't pass up the opportunity to capture it on video. and now, i can't pass up the opportunity to share with you exactly how funny this kid is.

here he is counting. this is my favorite. and my favorite number is "seben."

and here is the alphabet.

and finally, "tinkle-tinkle."


  1. That was really cute. I love listening to little kids and what they come up with. Thanks for sharing!

  2. i like how you gave him the answer for 'nine' and he still had to think about it, tinkle, tinkle is one of my favorites!

  3. Holy Cow! he's so sweet and cute at two & a half! love that boy!