sunday funday.

...or it is just another day...one where i work. so boring. but i will get over it, so don't feel too bad. you can feel bad for me just because i have to hang out with the neediest group of kids ever known to the cache valley youth center. i think individually each of the kids would be completely and totally tolerable, but the fact that there are so many and they are so needy makes me want to rip my hair out...among other things. but i am grateful for a job. and for the ability to be an example of a stable, functioning adult in their lives. because they don't have that. which then makes me feel bad for them...until they whine. and so it goes.

nothing too exciting happened this weekend. i did order a bountiful basket for the first time this week and i kinda like it. at first i wasn't super stoked about what i got, but then i realized that i got a super good deal...which is always a good thing. i also realized that instead of having to think of things to make and then going to the store, i just have to figure out what to make with what i have...which is so much less of a challenge. getting the basket takes out the annoying step of deciding what to make. i like the idea of narrowed options. it's much more calming for my brain. and i now have a ton of interesting fruits and veggies that i wouldn't have normally chosen. i was able to clean and cut some stuff up to have on hand for snacks. now i'm just deciding what to do with the rest.

i am super excited about the fact that it is starting to warm up. as much as i love the cold, i am ready for the warm. just not the hot. and i am ready for the green. the dreary gray of winter was super annoying this year. it normally doesn't bother me so much, but this year was different.

i ordered a new book from amazon this week. and i'm a super excited about it. i got parenting teens with love and logic. maybe it was weird that i didn't have it before seeing as how i work with teens, but i didn't. and now i do and i am super excited about it. i've thumbed through it a little and i can't wait to really read it. if you need any advice, i'm totally prepared now. seriously.

and finally for today...i just realized that i will be turning thirty-five in less than a month...not that i realized i am currently thirty-four and will be thirty-five...i just realized that it is already april and will soon be may. and thinking about said birthday kind of makes me want to vomit, truthfully. it is a very weird feeling. turning twenty-five was super emotional for me. thirty was thirty...just another day. but thirty-five just makes me want to vomit...in case you were wondering. trust, there will be more on this later.

how was your weekend?
how do you feel about your birthdays?

that's all.

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  1. I'm right behind you in October with 35 and I feel the same way. Where did the time go?