my new career and other things.

i haven't been feeling great for the past three days. it started on sunday and i ended up coming home early from work because my stomach hurt so bad. it hurt all day, but i convinced myself that i'm a superstar and i went to work anyway...and i could only hack it for an hour. apparently, i'm not a superstar after all. i proceeded to spend that day and all day yesterday laying in my bed. i played a few games on my phone between naps and horrid trips to the bathroom. and then i got bored. and tv was too much that first day. so to occupy my time i found a new app...it's a scanner...as in police scanner.

this scanner situation is highly entertaining. between naps on sunday and monday, i would just listen to the police/dispatch chatter. and i had no clue what they were talking about. but after two days, i think i am totally ready to start my new career as a dispatcher. there are a couple of things i still don't quite get, but for the most part i'm fluent in law enforcement 10-codes. don't be jealous. seriously, don't. it's such a waste of brain space...but entertaining all the same.

any-who...just before i sat down to write this, i had a little list of things i wanted to write about...and now they are gone...oh, except this one...

i'm a huge fan of the voice on nbc. i'm totally rooting for tony lucca. and i think christina is kinda full of herself. but that is another conversation for another day. anyway, last night...after sleeping the day away and being unable to fall asleep...i watched the voice that was on my dvr. i mean, that isn't the part i want to tell you about...the best part is that when i finally did go to sleep, i had a dream that i was on a television singing show and that i was pretty good. like, good enough to win. but the majority of my dream was the behind-the-scenes. and in the behind-the-scenes, no one liked me. there were several little cliques and i was my own clique. but it was because everyone hated me because i was going to win. and at one point, i was trying to learn my new song but i didn't know the words and no one would let me get on the internet so i could google the words. yes, there was a conversation about google in my dream. and then it just got crazy...i mean, i can't even talk about it because it is so jumbled in my mind...that, or the fact that it is so weird i can't believe i dreamed it.

btw...i took melatonin last night when i couldn't go to sleep. i always have cray-cray dreams when i take melatonin. but the good news in this whole situation...at least i didn't dream about work or my co-workers. that's another problem i have...dreaming about work...a co-worker and i decided that we should get paid for dreams that have to do with work because it's like we never stop working. just sayin'.

one final, useless piece of information about my last couple of days...i love sports. especially football. but it's not football season. it's baseball/basketball season. and i don't dig the nba so much. and while i am a fan of baseball, in the sense that i want the red sox to win all the time (let's not talk about this season so far) and i occassionally watch highlights and check out scores and i will watch some of the world series, i'm not really a baseball watcher. i mean, live is a totally different thing...but i live in northern utah. well, over the last couple of days, i kinda became a baseball watcher. and i like it...a lot. i mean, there is more to this baseball thing that i realized. it's good stuff...i promise.

yeah...so that's about all i got. nothing super exciting. just a random post.

and for a random picture...me and my nieces a couple of months ago. man, i love them.

do you listen to scanners?
or watch baseball?
or have squishy, cute nieces?

that's all.

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