new favorite song.

i'm not sure how i was introduced to this one man band, m.ward. but i was introduced and now i am in love. i even became a little obsessed yesterday and read as much as i could about him on the internet. love, i tell ya. and because i am so in love, i had to share my favorite song.

and just a little side note...m.ward is also in a little duo called she&him with zooey deschanel. i love zooey, too. i especially, and most recently, loved her in (500) days of summer. i highly recommend it. and the soundtrack is amazing. just a little fyi.

oh, oh...and i was just introduced to this little ditty. quickly falling in love with it. man, i do love me some tunes.

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  1. you do have a keen ear for quality music!

    i listened to all the songs on your summer playlist and loved every one! sweet.