it's been a long time since my last dinner group post. i usually forget to take pictures at dinner group, so this past time, i made a special effort to get as many pictures as i could. and now you get to enjoy them. you are welcome.

these are all the members...starting at the top left, going clockwise: jaime, ether, jenni, moi, baugh (trust me, it's an awesome picture of her) and sara.

ether was our host and it was an asian themed dinner. we started with some miso soup.

then we had these spring roll thingys...they are amazingly delicious. this is the second (or maybe third) time that ether has made these for dinner group, but this was the first time i had them. i missed out, that is for sure.

for dessert, ether made bubble tea. it was mango flavored and then there are these ginormous tapioca in the bottom of the cup. the straws are super huge...it's a way fun treat.

after dinner, we all sat around on ether's new sofa, watching youtube videos. we were specifically watching air supply videos. it was super fun.

after a little while, we trekked outside to see if we could see the lunar eclipse. i think we caught a little portion of it...

...but i was more interested in how cool the complex looked against the sunset backdrop.

and then it was play time. this little contraption is supposedly part of an exercise circuit located in the complex. hours of fun.

and it brought simple pleasure to our dinner group host. priceless.

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  1. I like the way the color looks on the pictures of our group...we are hot...especially baugh!!