for today.

for today: march 20, 2009.

outside my window: the snow is melting and spring is coming. well, unless a snow storm comes first. then it will still be winter.

i am thinking: about all the mini projects that i start and don't finish. i guess i am my mother's daughter after all.

i am thankful for: seasons. just when i think i can't handle anymore winter, spring "pretends" to come along. i guess a couple of days of sunshine will suffice, seeing as how it is going to snow this weekend.

from the kitchen: there are sparkling counters. i mean, at least there were when i left for work. and i didn't even make them sparkle. sometimes the boys surprise me.

i am wearing: some clothes.

i am creating: lists of the mini projects and what i need to do to finish them. man, i struggle.

i am going: to go home after work, get up in the morning, do some stuff around the house and then head back to work. love my life.

i am reading: political blogs. i blame this one on my darling sister.

i am hoping: that the snow that is scheduled to fall this weekend will melt right away.

i am hearing: kids playing around in their rooms when they should be sleeping. sometimes i wonder.

around the house: there are clean parts and messy parts and some parts in between.

one of my favorite things: is accomplishing goals. not that i have accomplished any this week, but i have a few that i can get finished up in the next few days.

a few plans for the rest of the week: include laundry. always laundry. finishing up some mini projects. maybe some spring cleaning.

here is a picture thought i am sharing:

(to be posted later.)

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