dancing queens.

i'm pretty excited that melissa (that girl from the bachelor that got crapped on) is on my boyfriends' tv show. i wish she was my boyfriend's dance partner, though. i mean, i like her dance partner, but i like my boyfriend better.

i'm also really excited that chelsie hightower, of sytycd fame, is one of the new professionals. i've been wanting something good to happen for her. i've loved her since sytycd. and i love even more that her dance partner is a true-through-and-through cowboy, ty murray. i do love cowboys, ya know.

i'll be honest...i was going to boycott dwts this season because of my boyfriend's dumb partner. i can't stand her. but now that i have other people to cheer for, i'm glad that i didn't boycott.

and btw...i still know he's really not my boyfriend.
but he's way hot.


  1. If you lived closer to me we would have to watch together every week. We are EXACTLY on the same page with everything (except he's not YOUR boyfriend... he's mine). I love Melissa... and she's good. Love Chelsie-- glad to see her on the show. Can't stand Maksim's partner... blah. And I still wish I had Edyta's body!

  2. he can be both of your boyfriends...gross, i don't think my boyfriend should be more feminine than me.