for today.

because sometimes i am at a loss when it comes to thinking up blog posts, i am going to try another one of these little guided gems. i found this one here, but it originated here.

for today (at the end of the day): september 19, 2008.

outside my window: is the dark night sky, with lightening in the west. i sure do hope that it rains. i love the rain in the fall. and love that it is now fall.

i am thinking: about all of the curve balls that life throws. i'm thinking that we should never get too comfortable with the way things are because you never know we never know when the next curve ball is coming and from what direction it is going to arrive.

i am thankful for: the knowledge that ever curve ball can be handled. it may be the hardest thing we have to deal with, but we are never left alone to handle them all on our own. i'm so thankful that i know that.

from the kitchen: well, since i don't spend much time in the kitchen these days, there is nothing exciting happening there. just lots of gross messes being made. and those messes are not being cleaned properly. frustrating, to say the least.

i am wearing: my pajamas. i'm ready to climb in bed and end this day.

i am creating: lots and lots of digital scrapbook pages...in my mind. now i just need to actually work on them.

i am going: to finish this up and lay my pretty little head on my pillow and pray for pleasant dreams and peaceful feelings.

i am reading: oh-so-many things. mostly i am reading piece of work and harry potter and the order of the phoenix. i'm working on the book of mormon in spanish, too. and i don't even speak spanish. i want to, though. so i'm gonna teach myself, with the assitance of others. it's really a long story. i'm sure it will come up again later.

i am hoping: that tomorrow will be a much better day all around. and that it won't be such an emotional wreck of a day. so, here's to hoping.

i am hearing: ella and louis praising autumn in new york.

around the house: there are dirty boys and dirty boy messes.

one of my favorite things: is being able to rely on people around me for support. especially friends, since my family is so far away.

a few plans for the rest of the week: work, work and work. my weeks mostly consist of work. oh, and mowing the lawn. can't forget about that.

here is a picture thought i am sharing:

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