trouble is his name-o.

malcolm is my two-year-old nephew and i just can't get enough of him. i want to squish him and kiss him and squish him more. he is the cutest thing in the world--at least i think so, and i'm pretty good at judging cute things.

anyway, during my visit to my sister's, we made a trip to target. while we were there, i found the most perfect t-shirt for malcolm. the shirt i found was much, much too small for him, but kristen found one that would fit him. she, too, thought it was perfect so she got it for him. and he wore it proudly--for two days.

(please excuse the fact that i have no makeup on...it was early.)

see, how can you not want to squish him endlessly...even if he is trouble. the shirt says "why i am in trouble: 1) won't share anything. 2) won't give mommy a break. 3) keep getting caught. 4) won't take a nap. 5) made a huge mess." it's not that malcolm is always in trouble, but he sure likes to push his parent's buttons. thus, the perfect shirt. gotta love the kid, though. he is freaking adorable.

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