i heard this song again tonight. i love this song, and i realized exactly why i love it. this song is totally my parents. totally. my dad is always waiting for my mom.

don't get me wrong, my mom is not a late person. she is on time for everything, early even. and so is my dad. one trait i did not inherit, dangit. but, when there is not an exact time that they need to arrive somewhere or when they are just headed out to go shopping or something like that, it takes my mom forever to get in the car. and my dad is always waiting in the car for her, not even joking...always waiting. and he is usually just waiting for her to put on lipstick. the woman goes nowhere without lipstick.

but my dad patiently waits for her to do whatever she needs to do. granted, he complains occassionally, but more often than not, he just patiently waits. and he would patiently wait until the end of time for her, of that i am certain.

i have the greatest example of a husband (and father) that i could have ever, ever hoped for in my dad. my expectations are high for myself because of my dad. and there is nothing wrong with that.

thanks dad, for being the best example to me.
i love you.

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  1. WOW, what a tribute!! They are both the greatest!! No one could ever with to have great friends!!They are the BEST!! J