oh, good times.

of the last four weeks, i got to spend two in salt lake city for work training. luckily, i got to stay with my sister and her adorable family. and even though the actual training was a wreck (another story for another day), at least when i left the house every morning my adorable nephew, jesse, bid me farewell with "in awhile crocodile" and "remember, we are in number 101" (just in case i forgot where to return to after my treacherous day).

and when i would return to the house after that long day, i was greeted by my boys. and they are hilarious. wild and crazy, but hilarious, too. and adorable. did i mention that already? well, yeah, they are adorable. and just to show you how adorable, here are some videos. jesse got to give the "thought" in primary and he didn't hesitate to let me know, on several occasions. so, we captured it on video to share. and malcolm is just a cheese ball and i couldn't pass up capturing his preciousness. so, enjoy.

and the very best part is that these two little cuties...

...are gonna have a baby sister real, real soon.

i can't even wait. she is gonna be the cutest and toughest thing ever.

*kris, maybe you can forgive me now for bailing. :) but don't hate me for this picture. hahaha.*


  1. I don't hate you for bailing - we had fun even without you. We do need to take a new picture though - you are coming to visit again soon so we can do that, right?

  2. Thanks for blogging about kristen's kids since she won't. I love 'em and I could squish them!!!