seriously, i love my job.

the last few times i have worked, we have done some serious board game playing. yesterday we played a rousing game of monopoly. i do enjoy monopoly, but i hate that everyone has their own rules to the game. i wish that everyone would just follow the written rules.

i also hate when "poor-sports" decide that when they aren't winning they are going to throw a fit and quit. we had a serious discussion about quitting and how it isn't allowed. if we decide that we are going to play games together, we are going to finish them and be good sports. i guess we should teach them something while they are with us.

then today we played risk. i decided that there is a reason i have never been a fan of this game. besides the fact that the kids would not play by the written rules and wanted to play by their own (and ever changing) rules, it drags on forever. i finally had to quit. i made them let me quit. and i felt good about being a quitter of the game of risk.
and so today i taught them that it is okay to quit things that aren't productive or things that give you a headache. hahaha.

and to finish the night off, we played rack-o. i forgot how much i like this game. and since i was kicking trash and taking names, they made me use two racks--end to end--so i had to organize 20 cards instead of 10. of course i didn't win, but i was close a couple of times.
man, i do love my job. how could i not? who else gets to watch drake & josh, the fresh prince of bel air and play board games? yeah. just me. i know.


  1. I think I picked the wrong career! I'm jealous of your fun times at work.

  2. Sounds fun! I "get" to create lots of Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, flyers, memos, and type LOTS and LOTS of minutes at meetings. Jealous? Racko is a totally fun one. Here are a couple of my favorites: Sequence, A to Z (one of the best games of all time) and of course Boggle and Scrabble!