dear mtv:

thank you for never letting reality tv die. it all started with the real world and over the years your desire to expand upon the idea has led you to some outstanding shows, specifically the hills and newport harbor (formally known as laguna beach).

i thought that my reality tv watching would come to an end with the finales of big brother and sytycd but alas, it will not, thanks to you.

and i will probably even catch a few episodes of the ever popular and the grand-daddy of them all, the real world sydney. i am a little disappointed in your cast for the sydney season, but i will watch anyway. i will occasionally wonder why you didn't choose to cast an actual australian on a show filmed in australia, but i won't worry myself with it too much.

again, thank you for your devotion to smutty tv. i'm not sure my love for all things pop culture and social phenomenons would be as strong without you.

your ever devoted "real worlder."


  1. mtv molded my life into what it is now: a music, pop culture, reality-tv junkie. i have such fond memories of watching george michael's "i want your sex" when i wasn't even old enough to know what he wanted.

    and my dad would try to block mtv from us wee children but we always could figure out how to unlock. that's just how obsessed we were. then, once he realized his efforts were futile, he gave up. and look at what charming children he has now.

  2. It's scary how alike we are... scary. I thought I was the only one who would actually tivo something like "Real World"... I see I've been proved wrong!