a little in love.

oh hey.
yeah, i'm still alive.

the truth of the matter is that i think about posting here all the time. i miss writing. i miss sharing. i miss being connected. because i don't write anymore, i don't really read any blogs anymore. i mostly blame that on the demise of google reader, but that is a discussion for another day.

and then there is the fact that i don't have a fully functioning computer at home. and i haven't had one since about january. and i haven't really bothered to do much about it. i mean, i am in the process of researching laptops but i am afraid i am going to make the wrong choice. i love that i am neurotic sometimes.


the real reason i am writing today is because i have to share something that i am a little obsessed with...and a little in love with.

a few months ago i discovered this little choir based out of toronto. it is the most random and eclectic group of individuals and i love everything about it. they meet in the back of a bar, or so it seems to be a bar, and they sing these songs and record them and post them on youtube. i am so in love with the idea and concept...so much so, that i would even consider moving to toronto just to participate. for real, does anyone want to visit toronto with me...on a tuesday or wednesday?

here are a couple (few) of my favorites:

let's be honest here...i could probably post every video as my favorite. you really should check out their youtube page.

do you ever get stuck in the youtube vortex?
anything new with you?

that's all.

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