just in case you were wondering...
currently, i am:

obsessing over: oh-so-many things, to be honest. the top three, in no particular order, are christmas music, trader joe's and crafting. i love christmas music as much as i can love any kind of music. and i like all different kinds. well, not all different kinds...mostly, i love the classics and variations of the classics. i can enjoy an original christmas song here or there, but definitely i have an affinity for the classics. my favorite secular classic is have yourself a merry little christmas. it reminds me of my baby sister cause meet me in st. louis is one of her favorite movies. i've been listening to this song the most...along with michael bublé's whole new album.

for thanksgiving i went to las vegas. everyone but my baby sister and her family were there. we missed her...of course. that's beside the point, though. every time we venture to vegas, we always make plans to go to trader joe's, but we never get around to it. well, this time we did and i'm not lying...i will now consider moving out of state just to be near a trader joe's. i haven't been able to talk myself into opening my purchases because then i will eat them and then they will go away. trader joe's does not disappoint...not at all. and i can guarantee you...we will be hitting trader joe's every time we go to vegas...mark my words.

i made special thanksgiving name cards (which was a joke, and i was tempted to toss them when i was done because they seemed lame to me once they were finished...but i didn't and they got used) for thanksgiving dinner. i also made pilgrim and indian finger puppets for the kids (which also turned into a joke and if the kids hadn't known about them, i would have tossed them mid project, but i didn't want to disappoint the kiddies). and i made some turkey treat bags. the point is, i had fun (even when things went ridiculously awry) making all of these things. i liked the feeling of accomplishment. and the past few days, i have enjoyed finding new little projects to embark upon. i am going to teach myself to crochet via an internet tutorial. i'm going to be making christmas gifts for all my nieces (ambitious...yes...impossible...no). and i'm trying to find something to make for all my nephews (if you have any ideas, let me know). and after christmas, i have even more ideas. it's like i can't even shut it off...i blame pinterest.

working on: craft projects. at this point, they are just jumbled ideas in my head. i need to get them written and formulate a plan of execution. i love it when a plan comes together.

thinking about: what kind of cold this cold that i'm getting is going to be. i feel like there might be a dry cough involved. those are my least favorite kinds of coughs...as if i have a favorite kind. i also can't tell how much worse it is going to get. it got pretty gross and so today i called in sick. i love paid sick leave...but i hate that i feel guilty when i have to use it. is that normal? probably not.

anticipating: christmas. i'm excited to decorate. it's my favorite. and i love that i don't have too many projects to finish this year because i finished them all last year. just a few more things to add...including a new wreath. it's going to be amazing.

listening to: dizzying amounts of christmas music...but 'tis the season. it's totally acceptable.

drinking: water. a little soda. but mostly water. after my excessive soda intake last week, i have had to lay off. it was insane. but it was thanksgiving...and i was thankful for the soda.

wishing: that i wasn't freaking sick. i hate being sick. here is to hoping that it passes quickly and without much pain and discomfort...i mean, a girl can always hope.

what about you?
what's going on with you?

that's all.


  1. "what kind of cold this cold that i'm getting is going to be." i had to read that sentence like five times before i got it right. hahaha. i want to do some projects too.

  2. ps...wicked tickets are in hand. i can't freaking wait!

  3. Fifteen days!! You'll watch meet me in st. louis with me, won't you?! And I love that you are now a crafter and have all those crazy ideas in your head because soon we can be crafty together! Yea!!!