fill in the blank.

i'm aware it is not friday...it is sunday. and i am at work. and i am bored. and i haven't filled in the blanks for a long time...so here you go. enjoy. and happy sunday.

{you can play along here.}
1. my favorite thing about this week was/is  dressing up for halloween. it has been a long time since i have done that. we had a costume contest at work and it was really fun to see everyone get into the spirit of halloween...especially after all the crap we have been through the last couple of years. btw...i was a rainbow. i have pictures that i am contemplating posting. stay tuned.  

2. colder weather makes me   excited to bundle up. i love bundling up. and i actually really do like cold weather. i would much rather be cold than hot. plus, colder weather means holidays...and who doesn't love the holidays?  

3. three things that make me terribly happy as of late are  early bedtimes...normally, i am a night owl, but i am trying to reform my unhealthy ways and i have been able to get to bed before midnight at least three times this week...yay. co-workers...this week i have had some great shifts at work and it is directly attributed to my awesome co-workers. gotta love 'em. crafting...my craftiness went by the wayside during the summer, but this past week it has come back full force. i have so many ideas and projects planned. i'm pretty excited about all of them.  

4. if i could only wear one kind of shoe for the rest of my life, i'd choose  flip flops. oh how i heart flip flops. but since i live where there are four seasons and snow, i would have to choose flats of some sort...maybe some toms.  

5. my personality type is  entj. i have no idea what it really means...a co-worker had us all take a quiz because he thought it would be fun. we all took it, but that was about it. i know it is extroverted, intuitive, thinking, judging. i guess i am all of those things. yep. okay.  

6. i have a serious problem resisting  chocolate and candy and sugar and sweets. it's a bad, bad thing. but this coming year, i am going to commit to cutting refined sugar out of my diet. it will definitely be a challenge.  

7. my favorite color to wear is  brown. but i really like grey. and green. and denim. because i wear jeans every day. because i'm boring.  

what is your personality type?
you can find out here if you don't know.
did you do anything fun this snowy weekend?

that's all.

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