fill in the blank.

well, it's been awhile. a long, long while. and i'm not even sorry about it. i just didn't have anything to say. i mean, there was stuff going on and all that jazz, but i didn't want to take the time to write about it. and i could promise a slew of posts to catch you all up, but it would just be a lie...because we all know there are several posts that were promised last year that still have shown up. just know that i have had a fantastic august/september. it's been busy, too. but just busy enough to still enjoy it all. the next couple of weeks are pretty full, too. and i'm liking it. and i'll post what i post. and what i don't post...well, it'll be a mystery to you. in the meantime, here is a good, old standby. check ya later.

you can play along here.

1. you should always take time to  value a friendship. i spent some time this week with some of my dear girlfriends and i was reminded how lucky i am to call them my friends. they are beautiful and funny and fun and talented and they are my friends. and i am very lucky. so very lucky.  

2.   nieces and nephews  make(s) the world a happier place to be.   my eleven-year-old nephew got a cell phone this weekend and last night we spent some time texting. then he sent me pictures that he had taken with his phone...some of random things and one of his younger sister. i laughed so hard. they are adorable and funny and i'm so proud to be their aunt. and i'm pretty excited about this new texting relationship my nephew and i are going to have. it should be highly entertaining. love that kid so much...it'll be amazing.  

3. i can hardly wait for  my bestie's wedding. it's two weeks away and the anticipation is killing us. it's going to be the biggest party since the last ranch wedding and i can't wait. and i'm excited for our friends to have the ranch wedding experience since they missed the last one. they have no idea what kind of fun they are in for. good time for all, that is for sure.  

4.   generally, thursday  is my favorite day of the week.   but sometimes it isn't. before i had my full-time job, thursdays were my favorite and i like to think they still are, but now they are the monday of my work week. not so great. the only good thing is that it isn't a real monday so everyone else is in a good mood...cause it's almost their weekend. oh my life. what do you do?  

5. something totally dumb and ridiculous that i love is  the mtv show, jersey shore. i hate that i watch it but it is like i can't stop myself. it's totally compulsive...it just happens. and it is the dumbest and grossest show, but i still watch. it's such a train wreck, it's like you have to watch.  

6. if i could, i would  move to new york. manhattan, specifically. it is such a dream of mine. one that probably won't come true. and i'm okay with it...but everyone should know that if the opportunity arises, i'm out. no questions, no warning...i'm out.  

7. i rather like  lmfao's song, party rock anthem. this last month at work, we have had a plethora of teenage girls and they really like "dance" music. and this one has made the rounds. and i really do rather like it. don't judge.  

what totally dumb and ridiculous thing are you loving these days?
anything exciting coming up in your near future?

that's all.