he ate octopus.

about a week and a half ago, i spent the day with my eight-year-old nephew, jesse. i told him that we could do whatever he wanted. he decided that he wanted to go and see the smurfs movie. (it was a lame movie, but he loved it and that was all that mattered.)

awhile before our day out, i asked jesse if he wanted to go to dinner and he said that he did. and since he is the coolest eight-year-old i know, i asked him if he wanted to go to sushi and he did. we went to this little joint in a little town just south of the point of the mountain. jesse was introduced to sushi at a fancy little place by where he lives. the sushi there is amazing and so i was a little hesitant about taking him to a new sushi place. but it turned out to be quite an adventure...and i have pictures to prove it.

while we were perusing the menu, jesse saw that they had tako sashimi on the menu. yes, octopus. and he was insistent on getting the octopus. i knew that sashimi probably wasn't the best idea, so i talked him into tako nigiri. i told him he could get it, but he had to eat it. all of it. he said he would. this is the tako nigiri...so gross.

one piece down. he ate it like a champ. and he even liked the flavor. but he said it was too chewy so he wouldn't get it again. after he finished his two pieces, he said he was full. i asked him if he was sure because he barely at any of the sushi rolls. he said that he was. he then informed me that he could feel the tentacles sucking to the inside of his stomach. i think that he over thought the octopus and lost his appetite. hilarious. but i was super proud of him for trying it.

don't worry, we didn't eat it all. jesse only had a few pieces before the octopus attacked his stomach. it was way delish, though. i heart sushi.

and of course, the obligatory self-portrait. i love this kid. to pieces.

it was a super fantastic day and i loved spending it with jesse. he cracks me up. at one point, i about lost it i was laughing so hard. i wish i could remember what he said, but it was funny. super, duper funny. can't wait to spend the day with him again. we must do it soon.

do you love sushi?
are you adventurous when you order sushi?

that's all.


  1. . . . brave, brave, daring boy! i love it! i've tried things in my life, just to say i did it. escargot, caviar, frogs legs, soft shell crab . . . but i have yet to dine on tentacle! thanks for making this day so special for him.

  2. ew i will never try that! so, props to jesse for eating BOTH pieces. i'm super impressed. i can't believe how grown up he looks in that picture, too. wow...how is that happening so fast?

  3. you are such a good Aunt...