for today.

for today: august 22, 2010.

outside my window: it is night time.

i am thinking: about how i hate not feeling good. i left work early today because i wanted to kill over. and then i came home and slept and now i am awake. yay.

i am thankful for: sick days at work. and the ability to use them.

from the kitchen: there is nothing. couldn't force myself to go in there as i felt like puking all day. but, on a happy note, i have my own kitchen again.

i am wearing: my pajamas.

i am creating: memories. it is always about the memories.

i am going: to pray that i feel better in the morning.

i am reading: the girl with the dragon tattoo. i'm struggling with it. i can't get into it. but i'm going to muddle through.

i am hoping: that i can go to sleep in a little bit despite the fact that i slept all day.

i am hearing: a digital broadcast by a friend. and it's pretty funny. if you wanna check it out, go here. i do have to say, though, that it can be a little racy at times. be warned.

around the house: there are boxes that need to be put away or disposed of.

one of my favorite things: is that i have my own space.

a few plans for the rest of the week: work. laundry. and i'm hoping to see a friend that i haven't seen for months. more work. oh, and work.

here is a picture thought i am sharing:

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