i am.

i am: moving. it was eventually going to happen, but now it's happening without a lot of notice and a little sooner than i thought it would. i'm excited, though. it's about time.

i feel: calm and peaceful about this whole moving thing. i didn't think i would be, but it'll all work out.

i need: lots of things, but mostly i need more sleep at night and less annoyance at work.

i love: my new summer playlist. i decided a few weeks ago that i wanted classic rock to be the soundtrack for this summer. i got on itunes, picked one of my favorite classic rock songs and i let genius do it's thing. it's amazing. i love itunes genius, too. but that deserves a post of its own. itunes genius is truly genius.

i want: my eyes to stop stinging today. i don't know what is wrong with them, but they aren't being nice to me. maybe it's allergies.

i am: working on all kinds of blog posts, but not near ready to publish them. and there are no guarantees as to when that will happen now. oh well.


  1. say what??? You're moving?

  2. How exciting to be moving. A place of your own? Good luck.

  3. I am excited that you are moving but would like to know where???

  4. let me help you move!! please!