just a few things.

i'm fully aware that it's been a long, long while since i have blogged. and i really do remember that last list of things that i wanted to write about. i still want to write about all of those things and then so many more things. i have some good excuses...but the current excuse is that i've been moving.

yep, it's true. i'm moving from my house (which is now no longer my house) and into an apartment in logan. to be really honest, i didn't think that i would still be in logan, no less finding a place to live and moving...in logan. i'm pretty excited about it, though. it will be fun to have something new. and different. once the "moving" is over. (wanna know what is worse than moving? nothing...but that can be another story for another day.)

besides the moving, i've been able to spend some quality time with lots of my family during the past month. love spending time with my sisters and with their adorable kids. lovelovelove spending time with the kids and observing them. i can't believe how fast they are growing up.

hmm...there are more things that i wanted to write, but i can't remember right now. but this is good enough for now. wish me luck with the final day of moving. should be easy-peasy. the hard part now will be organizing the new place. wish me even more luck with that. i'll post about it all soon. promise.

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  1. yeah, that last day of moving sure was easy-peasy for you!