a new car.

so, i have to buy a new car. yep, i have to buy a new car. my car is dying in the worst way possible. and it all started with this...

who would have thought that a low coolant light would lead to a new vehicle? not me, that is for sure. i have been through a lot with this car and it is like i'm losing a member of my family.

this isn't my first car, but it is the first car that i actually had to purchase on my own. way back in 1996. it was a year old when i got it. and it's been around the block.

it's been on many a road trip. it was the car i drove back and forth from lake powell, the summer i worked there. my parents drove it out to me when i lived in boston. and my sister and i drove it back to utah a year later. we also drove it from boston to the hill cumorah pageant in upstate new york, not once, but twice. and one time, i drove to connecticut with a girl i worked with, to stay at her parent's house and we went to six flags new england while we were there.

it was fun just bummin' around town or driving to vent (i used to do that before the price of gas sky-rocketed). there were a plethora of usu hockey games in ogden (back before usu had it's own rink) that we drove to. one time there were seven of us in the car and we got pulled over. not good, but funny. and who knows how many rodeos it delivered sara and i to. there were a couple of weekend getaways to park city, too.

it has had it's fair share of injuries, too. once my sister, julie, was driving it to pick up some lunch for us and she was rear-ended. mushed the trunk up good. another time, i was backing out of my driveway and i caught our garbage can with the driver-side mirror. and, just a couple of days after my parents delivered the dear thing to me in boston, someone rammed a cart into it in the k-mart parking lot and it has had a good sized dent in it ever since. good stuff.

i've had to replace the alternator and some part of the transmission (that's where part of my student loans went...lame). most recently, i had to replace some part of the starter. and now, the thing that is "killing" my car...anti-freeze in the oil, or is it oil in the anti-freeze. either way, it's not good. not good at all.

it's been through a lot, and on the whole, it's been a great car. i'm sad to see it go, specifically because it has been nice not having a car payment. i hate being a grown up. i'll keep you posted on what i end up getting. should be interesting.


  1. sorry about the car, dude...but it's time. it's high time for a new ride. i can't wait to see what you're going to get.

  2. Remeber when we drove back from Boston and the TV was behind the passenger seat, and the front passenger seat had to be straight up. No wonder you drove most the way home. Oh, and I did have lane change issues. I always did love driving your car! The Grand Prix will be missed!

  3. How sad, when I see you car in your driveway it makes me think of you and the fun we had. Can't wait to see pics of the new one.

  4. I forgot all the mileage you've racked up on that machine! I'm excited for you to open a new chapter in your automotive life. Remember when one door closes a window opens...hopefully a power window...with power locks, anti-lock brakes, and 100,000/5 year powertrain warranty.

  5. Proud to have been a passenger on at least one road trip to Palmyra. :) R.I.P. Prix.

  6. I think it was your grand prix that took us to the matchbox 20 concert in Salt Lake way back when. That was my first fond memory. Making car payments is sad. I just hope my car is still running when I do finally pay it off - 6 more months to go!