alive and well.

i know i have been mia for awhile, but i'm still alive and well.

i just spent the last four days in arizona--yes, it was warm...80 plus degrees warm--at my sister's home along with my parents and my other sister and her family. we were there to bless the newest member of our family, little logan. i promise that there will be plenty of pictures to come. we had lots of adventures and good times.

just wanted to let you know i'm still here--cause i know you were worried. i'm in vegas for a couple of days and then back to loco-logan-land. hopefully you can wait that long for updates! hahaha.

in the meantime, you should all check out my adorable niece, lucie. she is a riot.


  1. Lucie is adorable. Have you seen the video of her laughing? Too cute!

  2. Are you home yet? Mooch's Monday. You. Me. Be there or be square.