in case you were wondering what i did today...on this fine monday--my day off...i colored. and i'm not gonna lie, i enjoyed it. i felt like a kid...pretending to have no responsibilities or grown-up things to do. i just listened to music and colored. and i think i might do it again someday...soon.

and yes, i busted out the crayons and the markers. go big or go home.

and i have no idea how i decided upon nemo and a unicorn, but that is what happened and it was glorious.

how was your monday?
do you like to color?

that's all.


  1. i love it so much. especially since you do the outline then fill in the space kind of coloring. you're my kind of gal.

  2. just in case you were wondering, i wish i could click on your banner and it would take me back to your blog's home page...

    1. i fixed it just for you, my dear.
      are you still planning on j.r. on the 17th?

    2. whoa...obviously i am slow at getting back here...we talked about the 17th, right? now, the question is...did YOU decide or JR or JR? :)