fill in the blank.

1. my bedtime routine includes  drinking a glass of water (which i am aware is not wise because i have to get up during the night, but it is what i do), taking off my makeup and washing my face, flossing and brushing my teeth, using the restroom, lotion for my hands and feet, blistex for my lips, setting my alarm and starting some bedtime music. and i do not deviate. ever. i like routines.  

2. i am  super tired today. i can't stop yawning. it is kind of annoying. i got plenty of sleep. maybe i need a sunday nap seeing as how it is sunday. it is my "friday" so hopefully i can re-energize over the next couple of days.  

3. i can't stand  one of the kids that is currently staying in the shelter at my work  because  he is a know-it-all, argue-til-i'm-blue-in-the-face kind of kid and he just won't shut-up. and i'm not the only one that is annoyed...all the other kids are annoyed, too. which means i'm not totally wrong.  

4. my idea of relaxation would be  a nap. at least that is how i feel right now. but real relaxation would be the ability to chill without having to think of the ten thousand things you have to do. a true vacation from life is ideal relaxation.  

5. if i had an extra $50 i would  put it in my love and logic fund. i'm still excited about all the possibilities attending the love and logic seminar will afford me. love and logic for life. hahaha.  

6. the best thing about a bloggy friend is  that they are probably a friend in real life. i can't say that i have a lot of friends from the internet...that doesn't mean that i don't blog-stalk. cause i totally do that.  

7. a recipe i've been dying to try is  this thai coconut curry soup. i love thai food. and i love coconut. and it is something i have never tried. i always like to try things i haven't.  

what new recipe do you want to try?
do you have a bedtime routine?
are you excited for my love and logic adventure?

that's all.


  1. Um we have the same bedtime routine. Weird. Or is it?

    1. no...it is super awesome. you know what else would be super awesome...hanging out...don't you think? let's plan it. asap.