and for this week.

i do believe that it is time for a bullet list of things going on with me, thoughts and stuff like that. so here you go...
  • about six months ago, i decided that i wanted to try to grow my hair longer than it has been for awhile. i saw someone on tv and i was jealous of their hair and i decided i wanted my hair like hers. and for the last six months, i have been growing my hair out, slowly but surely. that is until this last week. i had had enough. i needed it to be more manageable that it has been. and not that it hasn't been manageable, but it has been annoying. and then i decided that i wanted a lot more blonde than i've had. and since my bestie is my hairstylist, it wasn't hard to convince her. and i love it. everything about it. and here is a not so great picture...
  • the one thing that i splurge on every month and that i refuse to let go is my pedicure. and i love my pedicurist, ashley. she is amaze-balls. she does a super awesome job at cleaning up my toes and feet and an even better job at painting my toes and making them super cute. a couple of months ago, i had to reschedule a pedicure and i was unable to get in to see ashley so i had to go to one of the other girls. and then last month, i had to do the same thing. i was so excited for my appointment to roll around this month because my toes and feet missed ashley. and true to form, ash rocked it and gave me the best pedi in a long time. and so you can see what i mean, another picture...
  • a couple of weeks ago i decided to join the minions and order a bountiful basket. i had a little trepidation about doing it because i am one person and i wasn't sure that it would be worth it for me to order a basket, but i did it anyway. and i loved it. at first, i wasn't super psyched about what i got, but it was definitely cheaper than going to the store. the problem became being able to consume all the vegetables and fruits before they went bad. i'm not going to lie, it was a bit of a challenge...as in some one dared me and so i was going to finish all of them. and that someone was the voice in my head. it was kind of comical. literally, for one week i ate nothing but fruits and vegetables to make sure that i finished the basket. but the best part was that i decided to order another basket before the first one was gone. and i got a little carried away and ordered a "mexican pack" with my basket. i was swimming in vegetables and fruits and it was going to be my mission to finish them. i will have you know that i finished the first basket before i got the second one and i almost finished the second one before i got the third. oh yeah, that's right...i ordered a third one. but i think i am going to take it easy and not order one this week. i will have you know, though...i have consumed more vegetables and fruits in the last three weeks than i have in the last year. and i definitely can feel a difference.
  • i have considered myself a pretty domestic person, but i have become more domesticated over the last couple of weeks. i learned how to use a crock pot. surprisingly, i have never made anything in a crock pot. my mom and sisters do all the time, so it might be a little crazy that i don't...but i'll bring it back to the fact that i am just one person. but this last week i made some things in the crock pot and froze most of it. my freezer is loaded with all kinds of food...which is kind of really, really convenient. this is one dish that i made...chile verde (and i only kind of followed the recipe)...
  • i also made this super easy little saucy-sauce...a la my sister, laurie...the main ingredients are poblano peppers, cream cheese, butter and chicken broth. it is absolutely divine. unfortunately, i did not take a picture of the finished product, but know that it is delightful. almost to die for.
roasted poblanos.
  • utah state's graduation was yesterday. it is my favorite day of the year because it means that all the students will be leaving for the summer. i love when the students leave for the summer. i like that logan doesn't feel so crowded during the summer. i always have. just sayin'.
  • there is a plethora of crap going on at my work. and the weird thing is that crappy things are going on at both of my jobs. and unfortunately, most of it affects me personally. it is kind of crazy and i can't wait for it to be over. here's to hoping it is over sooner rather than later.
  • my thirty-fifth birthday is a week away. i haven't thrown up yet, but i am definitely getting there. turning twenty-five was traumatic for me but thirty was just another birthday...and thirty-five is feeling more like twenty-five. i am thinking it has to do with the fact that this birthday is the last one until the down-slide to forty. barf.
  • and that is it for the bullet list. until next time.
what have you been up to?
do you have any easy crock pot recipes to share?
are you ready for summer?

that's all.

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  1. It occurred to me this week that I am actually 34, not 32, which I seem to be stuck on. It made me a little nauseous too. Good for you on bountiful baskets. Try their multi-grain bread it is awesome and on 50 cal a slice. Love that. Love you.