bullets for you.

you know how much i love a bullet list, so i thought i would share some things via a bullet list. these are things i have been thinking about, things that have happened, things that are going to happen and things i find interesting. i'm sure it will be the most profound bullet list you read this week...maybe this month. or not. whatever.
  • i do laundry at my apartment complex's laundromat. it is super ghetto but it is cheap and convenient, so i utilize the facility. the only thing about it is that there isn't a change machine on the premises. i used to go to other laundromats to get change. now, i have discovered all of the change machines within a mile radius of my house. if you are in need of quarters, i can hook you up. i went to get quarters the other day and i realized it is a weird thing to know where all the change machines are...isn't it?
  • i am sick. again. for the third time in three months. and not just a little sniffle sick. i have had full-blown debilitating colds and coughs and earaches. the last two days have been miserable. i am frustrated because i didn't think that i was that susceptible to illness, but this year is proving me wrong. i decided yesterday that it is probably because i haven't been taking my vitamins. i stopped taking them a few months ago. i clearly am an idiot. i guess i will start taking them again.
  • i am over the fact that we aren't having a real winter. i am especially over it because chances are we are going to have winter weather in may. mark my words. it will be super annoying. but we need the moisture, so i guess however we have to get it.
  • i just found out this last week that the head and the heart are going to be in utah in may. i am ecstatic about it. i absolutely love them. and i'm excited because it is at red butte garden...nothing beats an outdoor venue. let's just hope that i am not right about the weather, though. oh...and i'm super psyched that i have friends that i can email just a date and they are all in...love ya, ade. (and bob, too.) oh...and if anyone else wants to join us, the tickets go on sale on february 20th here.
  • even though my team did not win the super bowl (i don't want to talk about it), i did get to experience another kind of big win. remember awhile back i told you about a musician that i am obsessed with, tony lucca? (if you don't remember you can refresh your memory here and here.) well, he auditioned for the show the voice on nbc and all four judges turned their chairs around. i hoped one day he would be a star. and i love that i can say that i knew him when. good on ya, tony...best wishes, dude. (if you missed it, you can check it out here: audition, interview, interview.)
  • we all know how much i love pinterest, but i got super annoyed by another pinner this week. to preface, the point of pinterest is to bookmark websites that have ideas, recipes, decorations, crafts, quotes...anything really...that you like. i am super good about making sure that everything i pin links back to the original source or to a source that has the original source linked. earlier this week a pinner repinned one of my links to a valentine craft. she also commented "how did you make them?" well, if you looked close at the picture, you could see that it said marthastewart.com at the bottom. also...do you not know how this pinterest thing works?...not everything i pin, i made. i don't know why it rubbed me the wrong way, but i was super annoyed. i did comment back with a snarky remark. it didn't make me feel better, but it helped.
  • a couple of weeks ago, my sister brought her kids to visit and we went out to eat lunch. i talked my sister into going to an oldie but a goodie, el sol. i cannot remember the last time i had eaten there, but i vaguely remember it being with my baby sister and she had either one or two kids at the time. either way, it was years ago. and it wasn't half bad. it was pretty decent considering it was el sol...aka hell hole. why we called it that but continued to eat there will never make sense. love trips down memory lane.
  • my grandma paints. growing up, we had a painting that she had done in our living room. it was one of my favorite wall hangings in our whole house. (and if you knew my house growing up, you know this was no small feat.) just after christmas, i was at my grandma's house and i mentioned that i wanted her to teach me how to paint. she said she didn't remember, but i thought it would be good for her to do something from long ago...it will help with her memory...maybe. i told her we would have to arrange for a time. i have been busy since, but i've kept it in my mind since. last week my grandma called me at work (something she has never done) to ask me if i still wanted to paint with her. i love that she remembered...i've gotta make that happen asap.
  • i have so many blogging ideas. i need to start writing them down so i can remember them. then i need to start blogging. the ideas written are useless, i suppose. i'm working on it.
what's new with you?
anything exciting?

that's all.


  1. i like the bulleted list, a lot. and i LOVE that tony lucca was so great on the voice!!! it made me feel cool, thinking, "hey, i've totally seen him live."

    1. totally...i should blog about the vegas roadtrip and show...i think I will.