fill in the blank.

yay for friday. not that it means much to me, but i will celebrate for all of you that have "normal" work weeks. friday is technically my tuesday. monday is my friday. how ironic is that? yeah, it sucks royally. but such is my life. any-who...happy friday. i hope you have fun plans for the weekend. i'll be at work. but i will enjoy it, so don't feel bad for me. i had a fantastic week, so i can't complain. more on that in a later post. hopefully tomorrow. but don't hold your breath.

image found here. play along.

1. my go to outfit for a dress-up occasion like a wedding is  whatever is most appropriate. i have dresses. skirts. slacks. it really just depends on the event.  

2. this week has been  pretty great. i had a fantastic couple of days off. i will write about it at a later date. but it really was great. i got to spend time with a friend that i hadn't spent time with in a really long time and we had a great day. i really enjoyed it and wish more days were that entertaining. i promise, i will fill you in.  

3. when it's dinnertime and i'm feeling lazy i'll usually eat  a bowl of rice chex or corn flakes. or sometimes, i just warm up corn tortillas and eat them with salsa. that is when i am feeling extra lazy. cereal is for when i feel like eating something warm will be too much.  

4. my favorite pair of shoes is  is any pair of flip flops. yeah, that is what i am going with. flip flops. love 'em.  

5. a random item that i own that is completely unnecessary, but that i could never part with is  a pair of "shit kickers." they are mucking boots...worn to muck corrals. i bought them when i worked for a private girls home that used equine therapy. everyday we would have to take the girls out to muck the corrals. twice a day. and generally, as staff, we didn't have to muck with the girls, but we had to walk through the fields and it just seemed appropriate to have a pair of mucking boots. in the years that followed that employment, i used those boots to shovel snow...they were fantastic because they are pretty tall (taller than my snow boots) and super easy to slip on and off. i'm not sure why i can't part with them...because i currently don't have to shovel snow or muck stalls. but you never know when i will need a pair of work boots.  

6. my favorite person is  ...seriously...you want me to name just one person. i can't do it. i won't do it. i like too many people. and i like them for different reasons...so they are all my favorites. so there.  

7. if i were going to write my own blank, it would say  "i always laugh when..."  

how has your week been?
what random item do you own?

that's all.

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