the vacation is over.

it is always sad to go back to work after a vacation. yes, the family vacation is over. and it was fantastic. i always love spending time with my family. but spending time together in southern california is kinda awesome.

the week was a success. the kids loved it and so did the adults. we all are definitely hoping to go back. maybe not next year, but the year after. here is a run down of events...including the mishap i had with the sun. enjoy.
  • sunday was road trip day. jaime and i headed out early and made it to cali before dinner. minus the ridiculous traffic from vegas to l.a., it was not a bad little drive. besides, jaime is pretty funny. we did laugh quite a bit.
  • monday was beach day. this is when the mishap with the sun happened. i fried my legs. obnoxiously. they were fried so bad that it affected the rest of the trip. but it was still a good time.
  • i have a good friend that i met when i lived in boston that lives in southern california. i've only seen her a couple of times since i left boston. i figured since i was in her neck of the woods i would let her know i was there and see where it went. jaime (who also knows this friend) and i ended up going to dinner with her. it was so fun. we had a pretty interesting conversation about being lds and dating. and an even more interesting conversation about a bachelor on this season of the bachelorette. good times, i say...good times.
  • at some point, my nieces and nephews adopted jaime and started being their crazy little selves with her. i always find it funny when they warm up to strangers. it's a glimpse into their real personalities which is always delightful.
  • tuesday was low-key day...due to the burn, i spent a lot of time laying around. the rest of the fam hit up a private beach...like they are fancy or something...but i was perfectly content watching more than one episode of law & order: svu...and by more than one, i think i mean three or four. don't judge.
  • my mom thought it would be fun to surprise the grand-kids with a trip to knott's berry farm. the kids had originally wanted to go to lego land, but when it was determined that was going to be too pricey, the plan to go to any amusement park was out the window. and to be honest, the adults were okay with that. but grandma wanted to be "cool" so she bought everyone tickets to knott's berry farm. the best is that the kids didn't know. when we got up on wednesday we told them all we were going to a farm. they were so annoyed and over it.they all wanted to go to the beach instead. my oldest nephew did mention on the car ride there that we were probably just going to the "idiot farm." i laughed pretty hard. the kids all mostly wanted to still be annoyed at the adults even after we got there...but as the day progressed, they were pretty psyched they were there. they rode all the roller-coasters they could while we were there...the dads were all about it. i, on the other hand, avoided all rides because my legs were killing me. i'm such a baby. i hung out with the little kids and watched them ride the kiddie rides. it was a good time. at the end of the day, they were glad we went. they even said they would go back.
  • jaime departed this day and after the day at the park, all of the kids were worried about where jaime was and why she left and is she coming back. seriously, they adopted her. jaime...you are apparently a part of the fam now. just sayin'.
  • thursday was raining and so it was a lazy day. the dads took the kids to the movie. the moms and i laid around and watched tv. too much bravo. it's all good, though. it was a perfect down day after a day at the "farm."
  • we found out that our other mother and her husband were in orange county for business. they ended up coming for dinner. it was really fun. and funny. it took us all going to california to get together. really, what are the odds...
  • friday, we packed it up and headed home. i rode to vegas with my parents and on to salt lake with my sister and fam. we were going to spend the night in vegas and get up early on saturday to drive, but i talked my sister into making the full drive in one day. i'm glad we did. it meant we got to sleep in this morning and i wasn't mad rushing to get back to logan for work.
so...that was the vay-cay. i'm sad i didn't have my camera. i did have my phone and i got a few good pictures on the last day. but they are on my phone. and i am at work...i'll have to post the pictures later.

where are you going for vacation?
any fun plans?

that's all.


  1. First of all, you are totes awesome.

    Second, I had so much fun hanging with your fam. Two highlights for me were when your mom called your dad the senior wiener and laughed really hard. Also, your dad's comment about his bed being magic. AMAZING.

    Third, thanks for the shout outs. I am happy that your nieces and nephews adopted me and used me as a jungle gym...makes a gal feel right at home.

    Fourth, did you guys all dress like Brennan and take a posed photo? Because if you didn't, you should make that happen next time.

    Lastly, I am so happy you realize that it is Knott's Berry Farm and not a knotts berry farm. (And after being there awhile, didn't it kinda seem like an idiot farm?)

  2. sounds like a delightful little time...
    and...were we in southern california around the same time? weird.

  3. were we in cali at the same time!?

  4. sorry if i posted 17 comments. please chuck the repeats. google keeps telling me "after approval". but apparently i didn't see that at first...duh.

  5. i think that, in fact, we were in so.cal. at the same time...i was there until friday.

    and i like the multiple comments...they make me feel popular.

  6. hahaha...it's in my best interest to make you feel popular. because you make me feel popular-ish as my lone blog commenter. for that, i love you even more than i love you without that. did that make sense?

    i was there thurs-mon! i still think it's strange that we were both there at the same time. i can't get over it, obviously.