thirty days: day twenty.

(day twenty): a hobby of yours.
follow along here.

is listening to music a hobby? surfing the internet? watching tv? i hope so. these are things i like to do. i also like to cook. and read. and sleep. but maybe those don't count as hobbies.

lately, i have been very into making wreaths. i currently have four sitting on my desk that are only half way done. i need to get those finished. i do like crafting when i have time, but i wouldn't necessarily consider that a hobby, though.

i really like to take pictures. and i like to digital scrapbook. but i haven't thought of that as a hobby either.

is it weird that i don't consider the things i like to do as hobbies? i guess i don't know what constitutes a hobby. when i think of hobby, i think that it is just one thing that you spend all of your time and energy and such doing. and by that definition, i don't have just one thing.

i suppose i consider myself well-rounded. and i'm okay with it. maybe that's not normal, but since when have i ever been "normal"?

do you have a hobby?
more than one hobby?

that's all.

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  1. i feel the same way you do about "things i like to do." i like to knit, read, listen to music, interweb (yes, i used that as a verb), etc.