thirty days: day twenty-two.

(day twenty-two): a website.
follow along here.

really? i have to pick just one. i am not sure that i can do that. i'll give you my top five, most visited websites.

one: google. duh. i mean, how have we survived as a civilization without google. obviously, i'm kidding. but man...i love google. and all products google. gmail. google reader. google maps. google earth. google chrome. google documents. uhh...blogger. i mean, the list is endless. love google. and it's world dominance.

two: facebook. isn't it weird that only a few, short years ago facebook was just a blip? and now it is everything. it is kinda crazy. and isn't even crazier that myspace came first and it is almost obsolete? i think that's the craziest part.

three: twitter. very few people in my immediate circle use twitter. but i love twitter. more than facebook. i love the simplicity. i know that some people think it's complicated...but it's not. one hundred forty character status updates. it's just that simple. i follow a lot of comedians on twitter and so i end up laughing a lot. and musicians...that's who i mostly like to follow. you know me and music.

four: the pioneer woman. i started reading this blog way, way before she became famous. i don't know why i have to tell you that...but i do. i love everything about her site. i love the photography. i love the recipes (she is the one that developed tasty kitchen, which i previously mentioned). and i love that she is living my dream life. i really did want to live on a ranch in the middle of no where when i was a teenager. clearly, i outgrew that...but i love being an invited voyeur.

five: blogs. i love my friend's blogs. and their friend's blogs. and crafty blogs. and photo blogs. i love blogs and so i can't narrow it down.

obviously, this list doesn't even begin to touch upon the numerous websites i visit on a regular, if not daily basis. i mean, there are the news sites. and my bank. and netflix. and doesn't itunes count? seriously, i have to stop now. the world wide web...i tell ya. it'll suck you right in.

are you like me?
too many websites to name?
or am i crazy?

that's all.

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  1. google saves my butt in so many debates. and the fact that i can google on my phone? priceless. i am kinda the same as you. google (mostly gmail), facebook, bank, lululemon, bank. that's about it.

    and i like that you said you knew pioneer woman before she was famous. that's how i feel about a few that i follow.