thirty days: day twenty-three.

sorry about the lack of thirty day posts this week...i was on vacation, so i have a good excuse. we will just pick up where we left off.

(day twenty-three): a youtube video.
follow along here.

i love youtube. because of youtube, i am granted the privilege of watching some of my favorite musicians perform live when i cannot. it also provides hours of entertainment at work. the kids i work with know the most obscure and random videos, but they are pretty funny. there are videos that are so stupid they are silly. and there are some real doozies. and then there are videos that inspire. i really like a lot of videos. a lot. but i really love videos that inspire.

i don't know how or when i was first introduced to the playing for change videos, but i almost always shed a tear. the videos are pretty powerful. and this video is probably my favorite of the series. roger ridley is my favorite. he is fantastic. and i love at 2:03 when the little girl puts some cash in his bag and she skips away. so stinking cute.

and just for your information...here is a clip of what playing for change is...

another video that is super inspiring and it makes me bawl every time is the team hoyt video. you can watch it here. but i warned you.

and this video is hysterical...but in a really quirky way. i love it.

do you have a favorite youtube video?
any that you watch over and over?

that's all.

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