thirty days: day twenty-six.

(day twenty-six): your week, in great detail.
follow along here.

i don't imagine that you even care about my week in detail, so i am abandoning the prompt and writing about what i want to write about. and what i want to right about is a new product sold via a tv infomercial commercial thingy. and i want one.

i'm sure you are just dying to know what it is...so, without further ado...my new favorite "as seen on tv" product...eggies system for hard boiled eggs.

be honest...isn't cracking an egg, pouring an egg into a little hole and then doing dishes so much easier than peeling an egg. peeling eggs is so hard (read with a ridiculous amount of sarcasm).

i can't even believe this is a viable product. but i want one. just so i can make fun of myself while boiling eggs.

to be honest, my favorite part of hard boiled eggs is peeling the egg. i don't think i would completely convert to the eggies system...yes, it is a system...but it still want it.

just thought you should know.

what is your favorite infomercial commercial?
do you have a desired "as seen on tv" product?

that's all.


  1. brazilian butt lift. i want it.

  2. I just saw this commercial this morning! I wish I would have thought of it! ;)