thirty days: day twenty-four.

(day twenty-four): whatever tickles your fancy.
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sorry about the lapse of time, again. i am still using the "i was on vacation" excuse. it's been rough trying to adjust to being home. yes, i realize i wasn't gone long, but any interruption in my monotonous schedule always throws me off. i should be adjusted by the time this week is over. in the meantime, deal with it.

as mentioned previously, i got a toasty-fried-sunburn on my legs. it was so stupid and i am kicking myself now. it is starting to peel and it's going to be crazy. right now, just the tops of my legs are peeling. the bottom half of my right leg is still healing. i mean, i fried them. and the right one is worse than the left. i guess we'll see how it goes...but people, we are a week and a day into this and it just barely has stopped stinging. yep...that bad.

recently, i have become obsessed with criminal minds. i have no idea why. i tried getting into it when it first started airing back in 2005, but i just couldn't. but now, it's like i can't get enough of it. i have even set my dvr to record every episode of the show that airs...ever. and i added the dvds to my netflix. yep...that obsessed.

i'm considering adopting a gluten-free diet. i have two friends that have chosen to go gluten-free for personal reasons and they both kinda swear by it. at least that is what i am picking up from them...i guess they can correct me if i am wrong. i just have no idea where to start. yes, i realize what going gluten-free means, but i have bread in my house now...and crackers...i'm torn between throwing them out and just binge-ing and eating all the gluten. but the downside to that is that i'm currently in a weight-loss contest...not a good move. if anyone has any awesome recipes or gluten-free ideas...send them my way.

i am loving the show, the voice. i love blake shelton, so that is why i started watching it, but now i am in love with most of the contestants. i want so many of them to win. i hope that they all get deals and put out albums cause i would for sure buy them. you know me and music. hahaha.

it might be time for me to look for a second job for the summer. i didn't work today and i got bored. maybe i need some ritalin or something, but i couldn't focus on anything and was jumping from activity to activity. so annoying. if anyone has any good part-time job ideas, i'm open to ideas.

i have two concerts coming up in the next few weeks and i'm super stoked for both of them. one is the civil wars and the other is the avett brothers. both shows will be absolutely amazing...but i'm sad i don't have anymore lined up. i'm not sure how that happened. if anyone knows of any good shows coming to utah or the surrounding areas, let me know. i feel like i might be missing something.

i had so many things i wanted to blog about today, but when i sat down to write this...i completely went blank. so stupid. anyway...

what's going on in your world?
anything exciting?

that's all.

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  1. gf is HARRRRD. but worth it. you might find out that you had some sort of gluten intolerance all along. you'll feel better, i swear it. and as for music, i was thinking the same thing..."what happens when june ends?"