thirty days: day twenty-five.

(day twenty-five): your day, in great detail.
follow along here.

i have zero desire to jot down the minute details of my boring, boring life. especially when i just hang out at home. i didn't work today. it was just an average day off of work and because i'm still nursing a dumb-ass sunburn, i am nervous to spend time outside. i could just use some sunscreen, but i'm just being safe.

besides that, i have been reading today. and i watched some soccer. i played words with friends. texted some peeps. i talked to my grandma on the phone. i went to k-mart to buy stuff i hate buying...but i have to.

and don't worry...i did watch an episode of criminal minds.

and now i'm writing this. my life is to die for exciting. don't be jealous.

i was thinking about working on wreaths, but that might take too much energy. and i'd probably have to go to the store to get some things i don't have...and i don't want to. because i'm lazy.

yeah. my day rocked.

what did you do today?
was it more exciting than my day?

that's all.

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