thirty days: day twelve.

(day twelve): whatever tickles your fancy.
follow along here.

sorry for the slow posting on the last three days. it is technically not my fault. blogger has not been working. stupid blogger. i'm not sure why, but now it is working. i guess.

so, now that my part-time job is over for the summer, i'm not sure what i should be doing. the last two days were my days off at my full-time job. and since i didn't have to get up and go to the part-time, i spent both days trying to figure out what i should have been doing. i'm gonna need to work out a game plan for that. any suggestions?

i have an idea...i can read more. i have been dying to be able to do that. i guess this is my chance. me, a blanket, a book and the park. sounds like a stinking plan. it's on.

or i could get serious about sewing. i still haven't used my new sewing machine (sshhhh...don't tell my mother). that is definitely on the list of things i am going to do.

but first and foremost, i am going on vacation. in just over a week, i get to spend a significant amount of time in a vehicle with one of the funniest people i know. then i get to spend an even more significant amount of time with the people i love most in this world (minus eleven...but we'll forgive them this time). it's gonna be a blasty-blast.

i'm guess that in a few months i will be complaining that i haven't had enough of a break from the two jobs...that is, if i even have the second job come next school year. so just ignore me. now and then.

what are your plans for the summer?
any fun vacations planned?

that's all.

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