thirty days: day nineteen.

(day nineteen): a talent of yours.
follow along here.

i don't necessarily think that i am very talented. i mean, i have the ability to do a lot of things, but i don't think that i do anything extraordinarily well. i can play the piano, kind of. i pretend to be able to sew. i craft like an amateur. sometimes i think i am an okay writer. i don't draw or dance or anything like that. i'm average, i guess. and i don't mean that negatively. it's all good.

but there is one thing that i have come to believe is a talent. it's random and sometimes creepy. but over the years, i have realized my ability to do this certain thing is unique.

wanna know what it is?

i'll tell you.

i can remember names. if you tell me your name, it is locked away in some part of my brain and can be recalled in an instant. i only have to hear it once. or see it once. i remember names so well, sometimes i pretend that i don't know names because i think it would be creepy for me to readily recall certain people's names.

i can't remember song lyrics to save my life, but i can remember names.

so useful.

do you have any talents?
any unique talents?

that's all.

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  1. i have also pretended like i don't know someone's name because i thought they'd think i was a creep! i maybe also pretend that i don't remember miniscule details about people's lives that they have forgotten that they've told me. because, if i don't pretend, they're shocked that i remember. we are odd, perhaps?