thirty days: day eighteen.

(day eighteen): whatever tickles your fancy.
follow along here.

today my sister came to logan to get a haircut. sometimes when she comes, she brings her kids. sometimes she doesn't. today, she brought two of her kids and a family friend. i met her at the salon and then i took the kids to the park.

watching kids on playground equipment is probably one of my favorite things. at this particular park, there are climbing walls. two of them are the typical climbing walls with the things to grab onto and to step on. another wall is more like a big boulder with shelf like steps. the boys thought they were so funny and would slide down the boulder, kind of like you would slide down stairs. i don't know why i thought it was so funny, too, but i laughed pretty hard. kids are hilarious.

and then i made them smile for a photo.

and then they got to pull faces.
man, i love these kids.

lillie and malcolm headed to the water fountain.

after the park, we took them to mcdonald's for lunch. during lunch, noah, our family friend, started telling us something about his parents and i was laughing so hard because i was sure that his mom probably didn't want him to tell us. he kept adding on to the story and so then it seemed like maybe he was mixing several stories together. i spoke to his mom later in the day and she did confirm the story. i had texted her to tell her that i had something funny to tell her about something noah had said. when i finished telling her, she said that she wondered what it could be that noah could have said or done...like she was worried that he was going to tell the story that he did. she laughed pretty hard when i told her he did tell the story...i just wasn't going to say anything...but since she brought it up...out of the mouths of babes.

this is noah. so stinkin' cute.

i got a pedicure for my vacation today, too. i am super excited to spend time with my family. i am also super stoked that it is going to be a super low-key vacation. lots of beach time mingled with uno tournaments, a checkers tournament that my dad has arranged for, some real life scrabble, some other games and lots and lots trash talking. i seriously can't wait.

after my pedi, i took a little afternoon snoozer under my favorite blanket. my mom made it. it's called lucky charms. i stole it from her. and then told her i had it...cause my sister told her.

anyway, it was a perfect day.

what did you do today?
do you have any trips planned?

that's all.

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