i'm funny.

sometimes i think i am funny. actually, i know i am funny sometimes. but most of the time i think i am funnier than i really am. i don't know why i wanted to share that...i just did.

i'll give you an example of what i mean by this...a friend and i recently had a conversation about using certain profane words. she mentioned that if she started using a certain word she wouldn't be able to stop herself. i know what she means, but because i like to play devil's advocate, i keep insisting that she use that word. it's not an ongoing topic of conversation, but it does come up semi-often.

anyway, today while i was browsing the internets, i happened upon a poster that had the specific profane word...and i laughed pretty hard. then i immediately emailed the link to her. and i laughed again. because i think i'm funny.

chances are, she will get the email, maybe giggle and think nothing more of it. but in my heart, she will laugh twice as hard as i did and then start using the word. because it's fancy.

that's all.

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