fill in the blank.

yes, i am aware it is sunday. but i wasn't around a computer on friday, so i didn't have the chance to fill in the blanks. and it's sunday morning and i am at work and the kids are sleeping and i have nothing better to do. so here it is...friday blanks on a sunday. enjoy.

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1. i love  music  because  it always makes me happy. or it can help me feel justified in being angry. or it can soothe me when i am sad. it does so much for me. seriously, try it. you will soon agree.  

2. a time that mama knew best was  was all the time. my mom always knows best...and it is surprising sometimes. i just don't know how she knows. it's like magic.  

3. my first kiss went a little like this  ...not great. not great at all. i mean, i was i middle school. it was during lunch. and i didn't even really like the kid. oh well. so it goes.  

4. my celebrity crush is  gerard butler. or maksim chmerkovskiy. or zachary levi.  

5. my splurge of choice is  ...uhh...music...duh.  

6. my biggest accomplishment is  not punching a delinquent in the face. i have worked with them for just over five years. let's be honest...i have had to refrain. mostly because i didn't want to go to jail. there have been many a kid that probably deserved it...trust. or better yet, i haven't punched a parent in the face either. just sayin'. (clearly, this is not my biggest accomplishment, but i am at work and so it is on the brain...and i just wanted to spice up the blanks.)  

7. my dance jam of choice is  let's get it started by the black eyed peas. so many memories attached to that song. plus, i do really like it.  

what is your dance jam of choice?
and what about your first kiss?

that's all.

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