is it because he is a tool?

so, while watching dwts tonight, i was informed (along with the rest of america) that the tool bachelor, brad (the one that couldn't make up his freaking mind and pick a girl) has opted for a do-over.

my immediate thought was that there can't be a girl, no less a whole group of girls, stupid enough to want to "date" him.

and then my next thought was that there must be (yay...super smart girl alert) or they wouldn't be doing it.

and then i thought, really? has the brand that is the bachelor run out of guys that are willing and/or wanting to date 20+ girls at the same time. there isn't some other dude out there dying to go on grotesquely "romantic" dates that end sitting in a gross hot tub. they really have to grant a do-over to this tool?

well, apparently, the answer is yes.

i was pretty much over the show after the last bachelorette (cause she was a tool, too) and vowed i wasn't going to watch the show again and this announcement solidified that decision.

but don't judge me if i watch every episode. i won't blog about it, though. sometimes i keep the amount of lame tv i watch a secret.

but, all that being said...i will watch at least three more "seasons" of the bachelor pad. it was gross, lame and oh-so-good. yep. i'm movin' on. i guess.

that's all.

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