you gotta read these. seriously.

awhile back, a friend of mine was reading (and by reading, i mean obsessively devouring) this book, the hunger games, which is part of a trilogy. because i had no plans for reading the book, my friend told me all about it.  it seemed interesting, but it was not super appealing to me, so i didn't bother acquiring the book and reading it.

skip forward a few months...since my friend has told me all about this series, i've seen mention of this book and it's sequel, catching fire, all over the internet.  several people that i blog stalk have blogged about it and i've seen it on facebook and the likes.  also, another friend of mine had read the two books and she suggested that i needed to read them.  and because i am a follower and love reading the latest and greatest "viral book series" (see here), i decided to pick them up (thank you, 50% off memorial day sale at amazon).

and wouldn't you know...they are amazing.  i read the first book in one day because i had to know how it ended.  i made myself take my time on the second book.  i'm not sure what it is about these books, but the way they are written is superb.  the writing draws you in, as well as the subject matter.  and while they are probably targeted at a young adult audience, they are interesting and thought provoking.  they are easy to read, which is probably why they are easy to "devour," but they aren't cheesy and immature.  seriously, they are amazing.

the third book, mockingjay, comes out in august and i can't wait.  if i would have known just how amazing these books were, i would have read them way sooner.  but part of me wishes i would have waited until all three books were out.  then i wouldn't have these gnawing thoughts about what is going to happen in the final book.  and i wouldn't have to wait two months to find out.  you better believe i have that book pre-ordered (it's real cheap on amazon right now).  and i will definitely, for sure be reading the hunger games and catching fire again before the third book comes out.

i've promised to let several people read them, but if you wanna crack at them, let me know.  i will send them your way.  you won't be sorry.  i promise.


  1. I have to be one of the first in line to read them . . . let me know :)

  2. A friend just handed me this book today and told me to read! I'm excited!!

  3. I love these books. I have been waiting over a year now for the third one. I can't wait until August! I am glad you liked them, they are much better than the twilight books.