that was awkward.

i have this fantastic friend. she is fantastic on so many levels, i can't fully describe it. she is thoughtful and kind. she is talented beyond measure. she is beautiful. but my most favorite things about her is that she is funny. and funny on such a different level, it's really hard to fully describe with words. i love hanging out with her because i am guaranteed to walk away feeling rejuvenated and inspired.

well, awhile ago, we were able to get together for a little lunch at the o.g. in logan. they sat us at a table that was kind of secluded and out of the way. we ordered our food and ate salad and bread sticks. at some point during the beginning portion of our meal, we realized that we weren't in such a secluded location in the restaurant. nope. we were right next to the table where the new hires were going to be trained. sweet.

at first we didn't know they were new hires. it really actually seemed like someone was going to get fired. there were a couple of people on cell phones, making phone calls. there was discussion amongst themselves and then the manager arrived. and the training began...sort of.

do wanna know what is worse than having to listen to new hires get trained? i'll tell ya. worse than having to actually listen to the training was listening to the manager go on and on about how these particular new hires were dressed inappropriately...in the sense that they did not have on the proper uniform. but they weren't dressed inappropriately because they were slackers or anything like that. nope...the manager went on and on about the appropriate attire, the whole time apologizing for not telling these new hires what they needed to wear to begin with. really, you ask? yes, really.

my friend was making me laugh hysterically. the situation was oh-so-awkward. and at several points during the whole scenario, i wanted to have words with the manager. not in an angry customer way, but just to have words. well, and to tell him that he probably shouldn't have trainings right by customers while they are trying to enjoy a meal. especially if it is going to start the way that particular training started.

by the end of our meal, we felt sorry for those new hires. hopefully they stuck it out and still work there. maybe they didn't. it would be okay if they didn't.

cause that really was awkward.

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  1. The feeling is quite mutual.
    And--made me giggle just readin' the post. You're a great read. HaH!