¡feliz cumpleaños!

just want to wish my baby sisters a very happy 22nd birthday! i love you guys, more than you will know. thanks for letting me boss you around. i'm sure that is why you are the amazingly strong and beautiful women you are today. (you are welcome.) also, and most importantly, thank you for being my friends. i love and am grateful for your friendships, even though you abandoned me here in northern utah. again, happy birthday!

i'm sure i was excited to have baby sisters, but i'm convinced they scared me, too...only based on this picture, though. look how i am trying to stay clear of them, especially the one screaming. julie is on the left and laurie is the screamer.

this is laurie...the older of the two.

and here is julie, my baby baby sister.

the three little girls...despite all the jokes we've made lately about my complex as the middle child, i wouldn't change a thing for the world. i love that they are my baby sisters...i mean, look how freaking cute they are...why wouldn't i love it?

happy birthday...love you girls!

btw...they aren't 22. just in case you weren't sure. it's an inside joke.


  1. I love it. I love all three of you gals. I feel left out though. I didn't have any of that . . . I think I really got the short end of the sibling stick. Yep, Chelle at least you were in the middle. Try being the oldest, 4 years older than the next . . . my life was possibly quite lonely. You all were very lucky, very lucky indeed. :)

  2. thanks for remembering that it's my 22nd! i love the whole post...you are an awesome big sister! kris i'm sorry you feel so left out, but you were our hero to look up to, there had to be one.