bring it on.

i have so very much to write about, but i just don't have the time. i just decided to give you a rundown of what i really want to write about...maybe you can remind me that i need to write the posts i want to post.
  • i got to go to lunch with an old friend/neighbor. she is adorable and i always laugh way more than i should. and on top of the fact that she can entertain me with her pinkie finger, there was a random weird experience that cracked us up.
  • i took my older sister to a tony lucca show (really, it was a tyrone wells show and tony just opened, but you get the gist). and she liked it. and we had fun. and there are good pictures.
  • i got to take my nephew, jesse, to his first rock concert...and it was his favorite, daughtry. quite the experience and i love that i got to share it with him. in fact, i may have been more excited than he was. plenty of pictures to share and priceless quotes.
  • i'm so over the weather. twice this past week, i woke up to snow. ridiculous, i tell you. ridiculous.
  • i went to the most amazing jay nash show ever. at least, the most amazing jay nash show i've seen. it was stellar and i loved every minute of it and i loved that i got to go with some amazing friends. man, sometimes it just doesn't get better than friends and some great tunes.
  • and last, but most definitely not least, i'm leaving on a jet plane in the morning...and i can't freaking wait. i'm going to visit my baby sister and her adorable babies in portland, oregon. and we are going to see james taylor and carole king on friday. i get bubbles in my stomach thinking about seeing my sister and the babies. and especially when i think about seeing james taylor. it will be the experience of a lifetime and i am so excited to spend it with my baby sister.
so, now you know why i don't have time to blog. i've been gradually getting ready to go on vacation, in between work and some play and being sick. gotta love it. but i promise, as soon as i get back from the vay-cay, i will blog. trust me.

that's all.


  1. Have fun! You're going to be so close to me!

  2. can't wait to hear all about it!! so sad that I am too tied down to go see jay! I bet it was AMAZING! i will remind you to post about it so that I can live vicariously through you! have so much fun on your vacation - you deserve it sweets!

  3. Your blog is such a fun read. You're a fantastic, creative writer!

  4. jeez, you ARE busy. write about it soon. i may have news for you soon as well....