the locator.

i am obsessed with this show. and i have been for a long time, but for some reason, i haven't talked about it until now. i'm not sure what it is about the reunions on this show, but i cry every. single. time. without fail. and i love it.

my personal experience with adoption is definitely a factor in my love for this show. i can relate with those that are searching for the children that they placed for adoption...to a point. i am very lucky in that i don't have unanswered questions like the birth families in this show. i am definitely advocate of open adoption...whatever that degree of openness.

anyway, you should check out this show. it's pretty stellar. sometimes the narration is "cheesy" and a lot of the family stuff with the host, troy, seems staged, but the stories of reunion are amazing.

that's all.


  1. I love this show too! I watch it all the time and always cry at the end!

  2. I saw Troy on Oprah and loved what he said. You can't have peace in life until you have all the pieces.