must post more.

i have been thinking for the past umpteen months that i need to post more. mostly, i neglect posting because i claim i have no time. and i have no pictures to go with my posts. and i have nothing interesting to write about. but these are just excuses. i can come up with some time (like right now). i don't always need a picture. and sometimes interesting things do happen to me.

now, i don't have anything super interesting to write about currently...but, i was thinking about something today and i thought i'd share:

i am addicted to talk radio.

i swore i would never be like my mother, and i don't mean that in a bad way (because in so many, many ways i wish i could be exactly like my mother). it is just that, when we were growing up, my mom would always listen to talk radio...and rarely would she listen to music (although, much of my appreciation for classical music came from her).

anyway, i am just going to make the announcement now, my friends...it has happened...i am like my mother.

more often than not, when i get into my car i would rather listen to talk radio...and this is coming from someone who loves music (something you should know by now). i'm not sure what the appeal is, but i love it. like, really love it.

in the morning, i listen to rush. in the afternoon i listen to dr. laura. and at night i listen to george noory (aka coast to coast am).

listening to rush is understandable, seeing as how i am a political junkie. grew up on politics and being informed was a big deal in my family. rush was a part of my youth and is now part of my adulthood. once, in 10th grade, i got into a fight with my english teacher about a paper that i wrote. apparently he didn't like my point of view on the subject. i can't remember the whole argument, but rush was a part of it. i came to find out, he just didn't like that i had a conservative view point. very funny. so, yes...rush. i listen and i like.

my mom always listened to dr. laura and for the most part, while i was younger, i found her to be annoying and condescending. but now, in adulthood and in my chosen career field, i find myself quoting her and agreeing with her and wishing that i could talk to the parents i deal with the way she talks to her callers. i don't always agree with her, but i understand her. i mostly listen to her as i am driving from one job to the other, so it's good "prep."

the fact that i listen to coast to coast am...or george noory...is the most comical of them all. have you listened to this program? if you have, you totally know what i mean. if you haven't...well, you should catch a listen. it's quite entertaining, once you get over the fact that it's sometimes just plain crazy. i love most when people call in because i love knowing that there really are wacky, crazy, literally up-in-the-night people out there. i don't believe 99% of what is talked about, but i think it is interesting that some people do. it's good times.

anyway, yeah. so, that is what i was thinking about today.

and here is a picture. of me, in my car, listening to talk radio.

that's all.


  1. Love it, just post more. LOVE YA,

  2. loved this post. sexy shades.

  3. I've found myself becoming a fan of talk radio - I loves me some Dr. Laura. There is nothing funnier than listening to the stupid people that call her and her rip into them! I miss you.

  4. ahahahaha hahahah...hahaha! ditto!