i know i don't talk about my work much...simply because of very strict privacy policies...but today i just have to share.

we've been working with a young woman for the past day and a half and have had very little, if any, success with her or her parents. at one point during a discussion today, i couldn't help but think that this young lady was currently an inconvenience for her parents. she is not innocent in this situation, by any means, but her parents are reacting very inappropriately. i can't remember a time during my career (short as it may be) that i have been met with as much resistance as i have during the last day. my frustration level is at its max.

well, this evening, as i was perusing google reader, i came upon this quote and was struck. i want to scream this at this young lady's parents. repeatedly. and very loudly.
remember, you are not managing an inconvenience.
you are raising a human being.

~kittie frantz

(i want to scream different things at this young lady, but i will refrain.)

that's all.


  1. So sorry you sometimes get to deal with the trash. How much different would that girl's life might have been if she hadn't been made to feel like an inconvience? I truly believe they will have to answer God for their parenting . . . doesn't make it better now though. Maybe your good influence and caring for these kids will make a difference to even one of them.

  2. working there is such a learing experience! in my REALLY short time there I saw so much that would never want to do in my parenting or just general people skills. you are such a great person, I am sure that you are handling it wonderfully.