more music. i know you are over it, but get over it.

i went to an amazing concert the other night in salt lake. uh-mazing. actually, that doesn't even do the show justice. let's just say that my already-exceedingly-high expectations were blown way out of the water. and with that said, here are the top five reasons this show was so stellar:

one. it was in a shack. literally. i know you think i am kidding, but i am not. okay, maybe it wasn't a "real" shack. i mean, it felt like a shack, but it was a little bigger. it was a little joint called kilby court. i found this picture here to help you get an idea:

two. i went with people who really appreciate music. after the show, we went to eat and fully discussed our favorite artists. we talked about why we liked them best. and then we talked about botox and lipo, but that is another story for another day. point is, we all enjoyed the show equally. maybe our reasons for liking the show were different, but our appreciation was all the same. i just love sharing musical experiences with people.

three. ks rhoads. his performance alone made the show (besides the fact that he was, by far, the hottest). and he plays a plethora of instruments. i am definitely going to be following him now...hoping he hits a location near me on any upcoming tour. (this video is ks rhoads at a show just days before we saw him in slc. his freestyle is relevant to his location...so, this session was just a bit different, but you get the gist.)

four. the nine other artists that performed. and the many instruments that they played. yes, there were ten artists...well, and the drummer. so eleven. they are called ten out of tenn. they are all solo artists that up and decided to start a tour together. i think they said they have toured for four years together. i "found" this group through a friend that had blogged about seeing katie herzig (btw--if you go to katie's website, you can download a free album.) i became a quick fan of katie and when i saw she was coming to utah with this group, i couldn't pass up the opportunity. and the very best part was tickets were just ten bucks. that's right, just one buck per artist. cheapest show ever. well, besides free. but you know what i mean. here is a photo i found here:

(although, the guy on the left--griffin house--was not on this tour.
instead, we got to see andrew belle.)

five. it was a christmas concert. kinda. each artist would perform one of their own songs with the assistance of the other nine (or so) and then they each performed a christmas song of their choice. some original, some traditional. loved the mix. and the one thing better than live music is live christmas music. these are my four favorite christmas songs that were performed at the show. again, these videos are not from the kilby court show (remember...it was a shack and the stage was about an eighth the size of this one...hahaha).

this is katie herzig.
and this is one of my most favorite christmas songs, too.

this is an original song by butterfly boucher.
yes, that is her name.

this is andy davis.
at the slc show, he started the song by saying that he thought he could do a better job than mariah carey.
it was funny.
maybe you had to be there.
(btw...you can go to his website right now and get some free music.)

this was the final song of the show with everyone performing...including the audience.

aaannd...that's all.
oh, and merry christmas!

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